About Us

Frontierra utilizes satellite monitoring to analyse and evaluate deforestation, reforestation and carbon dynamics in soft commodity supply chains.

We provide data, reports, and documentation to evidence compliance with legislation and offsetting requirements, assist in corporate sustainability reporting and meet consumer and shareholder expectations and climate change commitments.

We are working to enhance sustainable agriculture by collaborating with agricultural producers, cooperatives, traders, purchasers and financiers that wish to identify, quantify and report deforestation, reforestation and carbon dynamics within their supply chains.

Frontierra is a member of the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TFND) Forum, a consultative grouping of institutional supporters that will make available global, cross-sector expertise to support the work of the TNFD.

The Team

Lewis Rattray
(BEnv, MEng)

GIS and Earth Observation expert with international professional experience in agriculture, environmental monitoring, capacity building and defence.


Brigette Reid
(BSc, MSc, MIEnvSc)

Internationally recognised ESG expert with a track record of innovation and collaboration across investment banking and consultancy on projects in the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, USA and Latin America.


Eráclito Sousa Neto
(BSB, MSc, PhD)

Brazilian Regional Lead

Expert in carbon and nitrogen dynamics across Brazilian landscape with 20 years professional experience working on climate change, GHG measurements and environmental ecology.



Frontierra’s distinct methodology collates the best-available existing deforestation and reforestation data, together with state of the art optical and radar satellite imagery, machine learning and carbon dynamics assessments; ensuring complete and up-to-date coverage of the supply chain.

Forest Disclosure Report

Our reports deliver a succinct summary, suitable for non-technical readers, easy to understand and used to demonstrate compliance and adherence to commitments.

Insights include:

  • Deforestation and reforestation quantification

  • Carbon sequestration calculations

  • Risk categorization and analysis

  • Compliance and red-flag analysis

Deforestation & Fire Alerts

Frontierra provides an ongoing service of “real-time” alerts for early warning observations of fire and deforestation, using satellite imagery.

Deforestation between 2018 and 2021

Insights include:

  • Deforestation alerts at 8-14 day intervals

  • Fire alerts at 72 hour intervals

  • Burnt and deforested area mapping

Reforestation Monitoring

Frontierra’s reforestation monitoring system addresses the recurring issue of reforestation project failures.

Insights include:

  • Vegetation health

  • Irrigation requirements

  • Weather forecasts and warnings

  • Metrics and impact maps to demonstrate impact to stakeholders and investors

Sustainability Attribute Mapping

Understand where how your company's assets measure in regards to key sustainability attributes

Insight examples:

  • Water risk

  • Proximity to protected areas and indigenous lands

  • Biodiversity metrics

Traceability System Design & Implementation

Does your company current lack the information needed to analyse environmental impacts?

Services include:

  • Farm/plantation data collection

  • Database creation

  • Guidance to ensure positive impact on producers

Verification Services

We also provide geospatial verification services for the purposes of carbon credit allocation and calculations. Contact us for more details.