About Us

Frontierra is an environmental geospatial consultancy that utilises geospatial data and satellite monitoring to analyse and evaluate nature-related risks, with a specific focus on biodiversity and deforestation.

We bridge the information gap that exists between organisations and the impacts their operations and investments have on nature and biodiversity by providing data, reports, and documentation to evidence compliance with legislation and offsetting requirements, assist in corporate sustainability reporting and meet consumer and shareholder expectations and climate change commitments. 

Senior Leadership Team

Lewis Rattray
(BEnv, MEng)

Satellite monitoring expert specialising in evaluation of sustainable agricultural supply chains with international expertise in agricultural & environmental monitoring and capacity building. 


Brigette Reid
(BSc, MSc, MIEnvSc)

Internationally recognised ESG and sustainable finance expert with a track record of innovation and collaboration to deliver high quality results on projects across Europe, Asia, Australia & Americas.



Frontierra’s distinct methodology collates the best-available existing data, together with GIS technology, state of the art optical and radar satellite imagery, machine learning and automated alerts; ensuring complete and up-to-date coverage of portfolios, operations and supply chains.

We are at the forefront of implementing the framework, and have an in-depth understanding of the requirements of organisations wishing to implement the recommendations and to better understand their nature-related risks and opportunities. Frontierra is a member of the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) Forum and has been appointed as the technical expert for a number of the official TNFD analytically-supported pilot projects. 

Biodiversity Impact Report

Our reports deliver a succinct summary, suitable for non-technical readers, easy to understand and used to demonstrate compliance and adherence to commitments. Insights include:

Deforestation Monitoring for Legislation and Reporting - EUDR

Frontierra provides services to meet the requirements of deforestation-free legislation such as the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) and proposed legislations for the UK and USA. 

Geospatial Platform Development

Customised solutions for monitoring and evaluating nature-related risks and opportunities for assets, suppliers and portfolios. Features include:

Reforestation Monitoring

We utilise satellite data to quantify the impact of reforestation activities and provides ongoing monitoring for reforestation, tree planting and restoration projects in order to bring clarity and transparency to a growing movement of nature positive activities. Insights includ:

Deforestation & Fire Alerts

We provide an ongoing service of “real-time” alerts for early warning observations of fire and deforestation, using satellite imagery. Insights include: 

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